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Miguel Angel that way of writing yours that pierces the hearts and removes the feelings I love, thanks for that inspiration and to share with us the gift that God gave you to write thank you I enjoy in this article:


Martina Moreno

Martina Moreno

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I also have my team: my family and my coach GOD; a great team.!!


But this moment serves to publicly thank the unconditional, faithful and loving support of my mother, a great lady who has given me her support, her guidance, her advice and care, I would not have written my story without her love, but above all not I would have come back without your presence and example.

The video is true, I am a protagonist, to go up is to stop on the road … Take momentum and extend our wings to fly to the farthest and highest horizons, with the illusion of arriving, with the faith of achieving it.




Growth Program to Build the Soul

Liberation Seminar -Testimonial


Hello good day Miguel


Thank you for your words, from the moment when fate put us on the move from one side to the other, I have learned many things among them, to value friends and more those who are always, in good times and in bad, You have been an extraordinary friend.


You changed my life that weekend that I attended your seminar that you gave, it was a liberating encounter, you really transformed my life, I left in peace an immense pain that stopped me to be able to continue and enjoy it, that Seminary liberated me from my old ghosts That’s why I decided to start a university career and among other things, but it was the beginning of flying and leaving behind the ties, those that prevented me from dreaming and making these dreams come true.


On a permanent basis I have received from you an endless amount of advice, thank you for having invited me and for letting me be part of that transformation of life.


Have an extraordinary day.









The Union … Fraternal
Our Uniooooooooooooon





Our purpose in Contigo La Unión is focused on helping people grow and improve their quality of life; by achieving a better relationship with GOD, with his family and friends, and with himself, having a better way of thinking and acting so that each person lives better; being cheerful and at peace.



Participate in Contigo La Union is an excellent option to improve the way of living, consolidate the path that touches walk, strengthens family relationships, friendship and in general the way in which the person feels and how he relates to others.


Join us and take part in the activities of Contigo La Union helps you to feel good, in peace and with an authentic joy of love, and of course helps to achieve family and marital well-being, and with the effort and dedication people achieve a better way of living.







All our activities are based on the Practice of Love, Love of God, Love One Another and Love to his People.


We are an organization that supports improving the quality of life of people by training the human with the publication of articles, books, videos, E-Books, Personal Growth Literature, Marriage, Family Life, Family Support, Education children, etc.. and with the delivery in person and on the e-learning, seminars, courses, workshops, conferences, training programs and therapy sessions that strengthen and Acrecentan qualities, virtues and talents of people.

Our activities are aimed at children, adolescents, youth, adults, schools, companies, various organizations and the general public interested in cultivating moral values ​​and to lead a full and happy life, having as the foundation in your life, your family and how they act towards society.

All our activities are based on the practice of love, love for God, love for others and love for his person.


Our Mission

Our efforts are aimed at supporting people to feel good to give the right value to your life for better living, completely happy and at peace.


You receive a big hug with love and affection, Miguel Angel Herrera