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Encantos y Desencantos

Good deal, I thought that the truth could not be transmitted as in person and the truth that if achieved, I felt very comfortable and even think we ran out of time, I hope to see you in person and attend one of the seminars all day.

 Karla flores. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. México



Hello you like to reconnect.

Well my comment on the meeting we had on Saturday, I think it was great for me was mostly because it fits perfect day and you can schedule and in the comfort of our home here in our town here lol, but of course I also loved the development is not much difference than in person; clear that sharing in the pregnant person can never meet online but was very good, I feel that way because I have used this medium to communicate with my family which also is back in the United States and is wonderful to see us, because as I said I think it was a great experience and I for one still interested in continuing this really interests me improve my quality of life, and be a better person than me and for this we to seek ways and try and still stands well to help the ladies who come along these pingos I attend, perhaps with whom I have nothing I can do but a pinch for them and for those arriving by year next, well worth it to help a person.

Nancy Gómez. Michoacán, México


Hello Miguel such

I just want to thank you for the last meeting was excellent, you were right it was like to be closer than we imagine, the topic was very interesting.

Again made ​​me think a lot about my actuares.

Ma. Elena González. Michoacán, México



Que mas Puedes Hacer


Currently I have 31 years and would like to share my personal experience.

About 2 years ago I lived a couple of sessions, which in turn provided a meaningful education that helped me to evolve in my work and personal life, but I still had a part to go and lived experiences that I deviated from the path, which these courses at the time had shown me …

Now God in answer to my prayers and my great need to find me and have peace of mind, and a genuine welfare of the present and in the now, acceptance of myself (with flaws and virtues), find my mission in life and all humbly accept what I have lived, I put back on the path of “the Union” now in its e-learning, which despite not attendance by Michelangelo our facilitator and overcoming my struggle with inner demons as the apathy and skepticism, which sometimes tell you that there is nothing to do. The latter course: “What else can you do? -when all seems lost, “comes to light a candle of hope and faith in my way and revives my gratitude for the good things we have in life.

I thank God for putting on my way to Miguel Angel that his presence alone gives us his testimony and conveys your good vibes and through the session to share experiences with other people who are in the fight.

Today I feel renewed and eager to continue to feed my spirit as a basic need to follow in this life experience and thus become a better human being.

Thanks Michael for your interest in improving our quality of life, even if sometimes it takes up to pushes and pulls …

Many Blessings and may God continue to give you more to share

Luz Maria Armenta. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. Mexico


Unidos para Amar

Congratulations! Very interesting is the first time here and I’ll charm me with a good taste many thanks.


 Joselin Valenzuela. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. México

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