Attention Deficit

DeficitAtencionReally this syndrome is increasing?

Well, I would say it depends on the angle from which it is diagnosed. Currently occur within the classroom situations distraction, lack of concentration, poor retention of information, etc., And living conditions are changing with technological and socio-cultural, educational methodology must necessarily change …

Why? Because lifestyle is changing.

Decades ago the children went out to play with other children, going to the swings, the slide, the merry, etc.. grouped with other children and had traditional recreational activities, the yoyo, tops, marbles, playing pot kicked, hide and seek, holes, etc.

Now that generation of children “burning energy” and the brain stimulations were valuable because the vestibular system had a combined development with intellectual learning and play activities also were less complicated cities had more time to care for children and word “Marriage” was respected, it meant enduring a commitment to families, and women and men actually assumed the commitment to educate, train and values ​​to their children.

These children, giving clear problems in the classroom, but was controllable, ie were not so profane, violent, depressed, spoiled, challenging, etc., As they had inculcated moral values ​​and education for parents and religious influence (rather than on TV), and the environment in which they grew (games, family gatherings, more interaction with children, etc.).

We had a different teacher profile, vocation was given more frequently, regardless that in the history of each person are counted many times teachers tyrants friends.


 What about our children now?


The story is very different, they face a very different society. Every day the word “Marriage is less defended” and divorces are more frequent, the values ​​are distorted or transformed at the convenience of the social interests of those in power, loneliness is more present in humans, both parents work ( if they are together) children watch more TV (and what do you see in it?) and now play less playfully accompanying game consoles, video games or technology that entertains (ie gaps were filled violent stimulation is strongly fueled the barrage of anti-values, lack of respect, sexuality and violence is stronger and stronger every day.

The result of these “flaws” in the family results in children with behaviors that in the process of teaching, either in their learning because of distractions, depression, lack of interest, thought disorders, bad attitudes, spoiled, disrespectful, etc., or teachers in teaching intolerant without proper instruction for the management, control and restraint of “new situations present in the classroom”, facing the phenomenon of behaviors, attitudes and behaviors children with new methods and procedures developed for different models and work environments that we face today. Adding to meet the demands for skills training programs regardless of the psycho-educational effect.

The situation is compounded when children are diagnosed with attention deficit without being examined with tests and studies relevant to call it being somehow “stigmatized as children of limited capacity or not properly developed.” The majority of cases of children diagnosed with Attention Defects treatment consists of medication and poor stimulation of maturation and capacity building, which is serious is that there are children who do not have this problem, but it has not been raised and educated in the right way, this means many children suffer from Attention Defects if they are not educated in the right way, are children who do not know the respect for authority, boundaries, responsibilities, or who may be going through other circumstances such as: depression, sleep late, vision problems, there is apathy or rebellion for any situation that is occurring at home.

Sometimes attention deficit can be corrected if the teacher or tutor, and pay attention to the child spends “a little more time” making an effort to timely respond to the child requires it, if parents support in addressing their children who have this symptom, both (teachers and parents) can bring up children without giving medicines.

Teachers today face bigger challenges, which make them great when they reach victories, why each teacher – teacher should set a large commitment of love with children to support them to improve their academic performance.

Our children “deserve” treat them with love, with patience and dignity. Those in charge of education and training of children have to give an account of the great responsibility towards them, in addition to receiving the claim or the gratitude of society as delivering each one, before God will have to “give an account” of what we did with them.

The Attention Deficit Disorder should be diagnosed through appropriate means and must have a genuine will to help the child overcome this “problem”.

The commitment, dedication, hard work and dedication of parents and teachers to support children to overcome this disadvantage for the best use of their studies; deserves recognized and thanked, as a society we would appreciate, even more, GOD will return blessings granders “occupation” to shelter these children.

Great works were carved of rough stones, the great masters put the effort, dedication, discipline, perseverance, courage and determination to achieve all these pieces of rock turn into wonderful works, they saw what others did not see, they saw the inner beauty that made their hearts …

Lovingly Miguel Angel Herrera Contigo

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