The friends of your children

amigos-hijosThe children are no longer at some point the small children who warmly resguardaste near you, grow and venture to explore other environments that weave networks of friends, fun and desire to meet new people relate to different “new friends “to those who appreciate and are opening the doors of his heart, however Do your children have to learn the proper test to choose friends?

It is very important to give them an excellent example and witness of life

May lack the judgment and maturity but if they have the map to relate to others, as you recorded them as guide and with whom to relate, think I already told you many times to have good friends and take care of people who will not let anything good, plus your teachings are not always verbal map as reference works for them, rather it is your daily life, your attitudes, your behavior, the way you handle yourself throughout your life is the one record your child’s mind, adding scenes, responses to certain situations they see in you.

However you can offer your children the perfect picture, the best family environment and the best conditions for them to develop healthily and yet it may be that they “mistake” in choosing their friends, or even if they are selective when determining who your friends, your children can be impredictable because people often shown with a mask and much later reveal their true faces. This can be very painful especially when it comes to choosing a partner.

Meet their friends

The best alternative you have to safeguard the integrity of your children is to know your friends, this is not looking at them once and judge them by their appearance. Truly know them is to know their names, their age, their interests, what they do know a bit about your family, in other words, live with them will give you a better understanding of who the people around your children.

There is a proposed intrusion into the privacy of your children, but rather an invitation to learn more about the lives of your children, so you can “save you unpleasant surprises.” The most important thing is that being in touch more frequently in the environment of your children will be aware of what is happening and can protective rescue, save or care for the integrity of your children if they were at risk.

In many cases when parents know that their children smoke or use drugs, alcohol or drugs is because the problem is time, which makes it more difficult to free them from these difficilties. In many cases, the reason your children selvage to take these unfortunate ways was to origin “home”, the lack of attention, a serious problem exists, divorce, etc.

None of the above situations are young justification for acting in the wrong way with bad behaviors, addictions, disrespect to parents or school disinterest, however are people who are living and that life experience is small compared to ours.

Take care of your children, know their friends, and why not? be part of this circle of friends.

Lovingly with you Miguel A. Herrera

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