How to Feed the Spirit


Speaking of food we talk about what it takes to provide the energy to move, think of the body, you give this food to get the appropriate level of calories, protein, vitamins, etc.. It also applies when addressing the mind, feed her experiences, knowledge and proper stimulation that helps to train you, grow up and move so that your daily tasks count on the necessary tools.

Then you need to give proper food to the Spirit to strengthen it, bring it to grow and move to do in daily life is in a position to face the different challenges presented, failure to do so exposes us that we are prey to threats to the soul.


Feed The Spirit of Love

Not only express love as an expression of affection or fellowship, love is the vehicle where the Spirit moves and exercises, like when you go to the gym to keep your body well conditioned. So the Spirit works and gestures of love is conditioned and kept in shape, but not only that, when love is often expressed, the Spirit rejoices and grows in brightness, grandeur and widens the bridge of communication with the Creator .


The Spirit Powers with Silence

Well many people are silent, who speaks little and might not feed your spirit because it is not in contemplation of God’s grace. Only when there is a departure from the person to rest on the lap of the Lord is when silence becomes contemplative and that’s when the food is given to the Spirit gives life.


The Spirit Powers to Pray

It seems a lot of people to pray boredom, consider losing valuable time to repeat prayers over and over again does not feel connected or not to have a dialogue with God. Then it is your case that has not borne fruit pray you, instead of reading or repeating prayers spoken and have an intimate conversation with the Lord What is this? Like when you have a concern or problem in particular and the trust your partner, your father, your mother, a friend or a confidant, you do it because you have the confidence to share with what happens to you and you want to relieve load or know your point of view or perhaps find a possible solution to your woes. You do it because you feel the need to share.

So then converses with the Lord, in an intimate encounter in which you entrust your woes, your concerns, your need for security before a decision or will you share your gratitude and your joy for some achievement, so that when approaching this intimacy get the unit with your GOD, this Unit will take to prayer and contemplation.



Feed The Spirit of the Word and the Truth

The lovers are fed the love they have, are nourished by actions, gestures of kindness and love. The closest they get to know and feel to share his life, his experiences and history that accompanies them. Thus the soul is filled to be fed the Word of God to know and making his tender to understanding and knowing what God tells him it is impossible to not enjoy yourself and fill loves to savor her Beloved expression and from which what it is.

The most extraordinary thing is that the further the truth and the word Spirit is fed a food that does not perish, but prevails and rises to the Spirit of Holiness.

Holiness outbreak makes the most beautiful and the good in people, to achieve rid of behaviors, feelings, thoughts and conditions that kept him away from God.

Feeding the Spirit is the best way to be close and constantly experience the Creator, your God.

GOD Bless your life and illuminate your way to see where you’re going your Thanks and presence.

Love you with Miguel Angel Herrera

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