Live in Faith


How different life can be when you have truly FE , the penalties would afflictions but rather opportunities to mature and grow in FAITH , FAITH unfortunately has become a condition according to the situation , at least as I see , because in good times the believers thank and bless the Lord , but in times of hardship and great difficulty ” teeter on the FE ” and this is so fragile that it easily falls into despair and desolation . then:

Should act with indifference in trouble ?

Not act with indifference , but rather is to have full and complete confidence in trusting that Almighty God will never leave you and that you love is His Grace is of you so you can move forward and bear the heavy burdens of life .


The Faith  provides a particularly special strength , because trust can grow so that , ” The person who lives in the FE ” is capable of being happy and at peace in the most extreme situations , even when including integrity is compromised or is on the verge of death. You must trust that when you ask the Father through Jesus, He will give you if you request is for the good of your life and is within the divine plan .

Have Faith is for many an absurdity , but for the faithful followers of Christ is the necessary ingredient to see the miracles and the intercession of Jesus to our requests.

FAITH is the assurance of knowing that God never leaves you , it is always with you and that it is through the FE as you see the manifestations of the Spirit of God.

If you have faith and live through it you will realize that nothing is impossible with God , that God can do everything and that He still your Good and Loving Father bless you always .


Jesus said , “Because you have so little faith. Truly I say : if you have faith the size of a mustard seed , you can say to this mountain, Be taken up and put away, and the hill obey . Nothing would be impossible for you . (Mt 17:20)


God is With You, the Bless you never leaves shalt not do as the time of Jesus in The Passion and leave your . Be Faithful to Him at all times , that nothing frighten you , that nothing disturb you for however great your sorrow always remember that He is Almighty and that nothing is impossible for Him to ask with faith and you will see great miracles .

Lovingly Contigo Miguel Angel Herrera


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