Growth Program to Build the Soul



Growth Program
To Build the Soul



The Growth Program to Build the Soul; is an excellent option to improve your way of living, consolidate the path you have to walk and strengthen your family relationships, friendship and in general the way you feel and you have relationships with others.


The Growth Program to Build the Soul helps you to feel good, in peace and with an authentic joy of love, and of course it helps you achieve family and marital well-being, and with your effort and dedication you achieve a better way of living.


The person who wants to Build the Soul and who is willing to transform his life, must explore his person and simultaneously communicate with his Creator so that both can unite and together they purify the thirsty soul of GOD.


Love is the means to heal, purify, transform and is the means to join GOD, therefore, the basis of this Program is Love.


The Program has the flexibility to be taken “right at your moment” which means that it is adaptable to be taken in person or remotely:



… at Your Rhythm, at Your Time, at Your Space, at the Intimacy of your privacy, Pausing, Accelerating and in the comfort from Where You Find…





The Program proposes a seminar every month that is taken on a face-to-face basis in a specific place or at a distance on our website; that is to say Online and later once taken the session you continue building with the multimedia resources; video and audio, work exercises to apply in your daily life; this is the follow-up of the session taken and the preparation for the next session. All of this is sent to your email and / or you are given access to these resources on the Contigo La Union website.


The Program is composed of 12 Seminars, to be taken once a month, while you have available the resources that will help you to Build your Soul, once the Program is concluded you will get help material forever.


The Growth Program to Build the Soul is a wonderful proposal to feel better, heal your heart, enlarge your soul and strengthen your Spirit.


The Program is aimed at the general public; Any person who intends to grow, improve and live better can take this Program.



12 Seminars


1. Release
2. I deserve
3. Trust
4. Love
5. Virtues
6.  Strength

7.  Word
8.  Temperance
9.  Your Mission
10. Your Residence
11. Fusion
12. Amen





Our experience of more than 20 years and the hundreds of thousands of people who have participated in the activities of The Union have been and are a great contribution to raise our Seminars to another level; therefore, the commitment, the accompaniment and the assurance of a better level of life for you are the focus of all the efforts and inspiration of this Growth Program to Build the Soul; which is combined by different resources and which make it very complete, strong and highly effective.



How is a Seminar developed?


Each session of the Program is done with a workbook that contains important information of the session you take; in it there are the exercises to be done and the notes that you have to take.


The Presential Seminar your workbook is a folder that is being fed by a pack of materials in each session; and the Online Seminar this material is electronic.



In each Seminar


1 Participate in various exhibitions of the topics that compose it.

2. You get your workbook in any of the two ways: material or electronic.

3. Accounts with support and accompaniment in the different states that are presented to you during the work, plus you have support in how you feel and what to do or how to handle your current experiences.

4. You can consult and review the times you want the topics in videos, audios and the available contents of each session.

5. In a continuous way you will receive information and multimedia materials to continue and accompany your Building.

6. If necessary, it is possible to request counseling or emotional support during your Building Path, in addition you can participate in open online sessions on an ongoing basis to offer you total shelter and accompaniment.

7. We open the door to you as an invitation for you; If you want to be with us serving and supporting others you can do so by joining La Union, receiving advice, training and driving to help other people who also want to improve their way of life.



Development of the Face-to-face Seminar


By attending you join a group of people like you who want to participate by sharing the beautiful experience that La Union presents. In such a way that you complete the session with a facilitator who moderates the activities that compose it; in such a way that:

You get very valuable information for your life through the facilitator’s exposition and / or the videos of the topics or in the combination of both

You perform various activities with the group; such as: dynamics, personal introspection exercises and activities in pairs or groups.

You have the opportunity to experience some of the experiences that exist in each session such as: “The Loving Heart”, “The Exercises to Build the Soul” and spiritual food activities.


At the end of the session you will go to the stage of accompaniment in which La Union will be sending you valuable resources to Build your Life and above all we will be contacting you and waiting for you.



Growth Program

To Build the Soul


Come, join us and live the 12 Seminars that will be taught throughout the year. I assure you that your life will be transformed and you will be able to live better.



The Soul Building Growth Program can be taken 3 ways



1 On-site Seminars. – Participate in one of the groups that will be formed this month and attend a Training Seminar every month. For some groups the continuity of the Seminars is every 2 or 3 weeks.


2 Seminars Online Way. – Subscribe and take the entire program from the comfort of where you are taking them from your computer, tablet or any electronic device with internet connection, even from your cell phone.


3 Seminars of Combined Way.- Take both, without additional cost for you, get more benefit from the Growth Program. For a single Program and take it in the two Modalities.


The Growth Program is composed of 12 Seminars, the Presential Seminars are taken regularly in 1 day each and the Presential Seminars are taken each in a month



Finally, you will receive proposals for preparatory activities that connect you to the next session.




First Seminar:

Liberation Seminar



This is a session that helps you heal your heart and release burdens from the past that limit you or prevent you from being at peace and feeling happy and happy.


With this Seminar you start The Way to Build Your Soul; Here you perform very effective exercises that help you to solve different situations and mainly to feel better.


Check places and dates of upcoming sessions

Check places and dates of upcoming sessions



Some Testimonials of participants in Seminars of the Growth Program to Build the Soul

Thank you very much Miguel Angel, we will be aware of what is happening and we are praying to remain safe and healthy, God is with us.

Sincerely Soraya Barragan

Soraya Barragán

Yes Miguel Angel, they say that the teacher is there when the student needs it, you have always been with all your students and I thank you very much in the moments that I was in your classrooms, and we did not finish learning we are always on the way thank you very much and congratulations


Hello Miguel Ángel:


I am very happy that all online courses go smoothly, but it is no wonder, since you have worked well in the Seminars and you are always a great professional with your work. That is why God has blessed you, remember that He never makes a mistake in choosing his angels for this beautiful task.


I share and I join this great happiness and I hope that the Family with You The Union continues to grow and giving beautiful fruits.


Greetings, a big hug and many blessings for you and your family.


Growth Program to Build the Soul

Liberation Seminar -Testimonial


Hello good day Miguel


Thank you for your words, from the moment when fate put us on the move from one side to the other, I have learned many things among them, to value friends and more those who are always, in good times and in bad, You have been an extraordinary friend.


You changed my life that weekend that I attended your seminar that you gave, it was a liberating encounter, you really transformed my life, I left in peace an immense pain that stopped me to be able to continue and enjoy it, that Seminary liberated me from my old ghosts That’s why I decided to start a university career and among other things, but it was the beginning of flying and leaving behind the ties, those that prevented me from dreaming and making these dreams come true.


On a permanent basis I have received from you an endless amount of advice, thank you for having invited me and for letting me be part of that transformation of life.


Have an extraordinary day.






Growth Program to Build the Soul


Hello dear Angel:


It was a blessing to meet you in these Seminars, which are still in my heart. Thank you for having taught them in Forests and I am very happy that the Lord will continue to allow you to continue with your work elsewhere. Thousand congratulations !!! for these 19 years and those who await you dear Miguel Angel so to charge batteries for many more years and I am glad that by sending your mails to other people are integrated into this wonderful adventure of love


Thousand congratulations !!!



Hi Miguel


hehehehe if it’s been a while since I’ve been stuck in the online seminar, I still thank you for contacting me and for us to keep in touch. I can only say that … the Seminars will continue to support them and I hope to continue well with my Online Seminar …….


The truth is that the articles I have read have liked me, but I have not been able to leave my comment because I use my cell phone and others because I read them quickly and although I find it difficult to carry out the activities, I will try to start again fastest possible; I send you a hug and take care of yourself.

Fernando Quintero

We were Created by Love to Love and to be Beloved

Comment on content


Very good material Miguel the truth that always hear something like that is very beautiful and makes you reflect that what you do maybe is not the right thing and that sometimes the light for a dark world is you who God sent to make light in this world .


I send you a hug and that wherever you are, you are well?

Fernando Yafte

Check places and dates of upcoming sessions