I am an unworthy person in my marriage

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You get to feel unworthy or someone worthy of in-your partner that you do a comparison of the bad things that you do and the good things she does and you realize that your partner does a lot more good works than you, or because you feel very guilty about something you did or what you are doing and feel shame before the eyes of your partner, or because you have a sense of inferiority that makes you think you do not deserve the love, companionship and attention that is the person you accompanies your relationship.

The misconduct of you necessarily require “Your Forgiveness” because many load prevents you sanitize your relationship is generated in the consciousness of your inner judge you harshly and severely, however the lack of compassion, forgiveness and love you for you, only aggravates the pain and prevents develop your relationship with cleaning Do you think the punishment car make you feel better? No way any self-imposed penalty consciously or unconsciously will do you good, and will help to overcome the crisis and improve the relationship.

You must forgive;? Fallaste? Are you wrong? Did you make bad decisions? .. Unfortunately, being a human being, there is a risk of making mistakes and taking actions that harm that finish in a disaster marriage, but stay with the yoke of guilt, not only does not resolve the situation, but the increasingly complicated.


Forgiveness is the way how you can recover the dignity that stripped yourself

Forgiveness is the way in which you regain your dignity stripped yourself, you suffer for your mistakes and because the love of your partner you do not let just considering you get a person “unworthy” to be a very tough judge you.

Feeling guilty is the way as you can see you’re going in the wrong direction and this ad helps you to fix “your mistakes do not” condemn. “When you realize you’re doing it the wrong way, then you should correct, forgive, apologize and re-build your relationship, commit to doing things the right way without hurting anyone, respecting your relationship and love mainly corresponding to trust you.

Fix errors and apologizing to know exactly a sign of love and a true desire to want to “save your relationship”, of course if you are a reliable commitment to change, correct and not to act like the way you hurt .

Dignity has given you Jesus delivered by you to be free, do not miss this beautiful gift.

Lovingly with you Miguel Angel Herrera

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