How not to despair when the couple is not with you


It is natural that when your partner is not you miss them and feel the vacuum, even be sad or to be depressed by their absence.

When you are so used to being together sharing their life and most of the activities do not overlook the need to continue being together after all have decided to share their lives, be a mutual support and more than anything else, your partner is an important part of the story you write in the book of your life, because she has the lead role of your lines.

Here a few simple tips for lack of his presence.


When the separation is prolonged activities

As you know beforehand some of the activities are not being together, such as work or school, your partner should like you develop, improve, grow and walk in relation to the obligations you have, and your personal goals mission in life that leads necessarily to acquire, develop and apply skills in relation to their motivations, interests and needs. The best thing to do is to attend your activities concentrating on what you do, I know that your mind has time and again the need for your partner, so it is best to use this to encourage productive things, ie channels the feelings of well-being (for the love you have) to do your activities on the same page, I mean that to be feeding you the good moments of your partner do to be helpful to apply this “good feeling” best way to make everyday tasks .


When separation is given by fights

Evidence that humans retain our personality even when you merge in a relationship, the difference of opinions, ideas and character sometimes leads them to have differences, but when these differences become disputes, often accompanied by emotional burdens they can lead to having altercations that can distance.

What are you interested in the relationship or reason?

Based on your answer can you tell if you’re being selfish or not, if you want to be right always realize that there is too much ego in you and if you always want to be in control or reason, perhaps you’re becoming a person “stubborn and uncompromising “Where will take your relationship acting like this?

Always better to be at peace forgive instead of accumulating anger or let it pass emotional burden for she certainly return. Excuse me, are you who take the approach, who says: Sorry, I do not distance ourselves from discussions, or peel. Love must always prevail, love empowers us to forgive without any problems. If you really love forgive and be reconciled and your relationship blooms again.


When the separation is by a trip

Sometimes it is the distance of the heart that strange, but it is often more fear and insecurity that makes you think that your partner may know someone who can be with someone else, take advantage of the situation that you are not to make … Yes, that your mind thinks, but you realize, you are who you think, you’re the one so afraid you will not be alone. I want to ask you something Do you have confidence? Yes or no? Because if you do not trust to be there, on the other hand you do not trust past experience with it or with other people, then you have to heal the wounds and soothe your fears for quietness.

What can you do?

If you look at it from another angle can be wonderful, because your partner can share you experience the place you gone, you can feel the excitement of waiting for the call, or write more often or by technology immediately shared photographs of what they do during the day, or take details and samples of his love. It is a profitable time for the distance to allow the heart to surface that inspires action to secure love relationship.


When a final separation

When the relationship is over … It’s over, do not wear, do not cause trouble, do not push the person wanted to feel guilty, not blackmail, do not kid yourself … Please do not hurt yourself or do you more harm, understand it is not easy for you, they do not resign or you refuse to end, but with this attitude just get hurt even more. Realize that it is useless to force someone to be with you when you no longer love. It is better to accept and let go, believe me you will suffer less.

If you look ahead you’ll realize that was the best and so be free to receive whatever comes, because surely there’s something better for you. Remember that God wants you happy and peaceful and Our Lord will work to make it happen.

God Bless Your Way

You with love and affection Miguel Angel Herrera

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Loving an excellent way to improve Couple Life


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