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If you have already encountered, failed or ever come to the floor, then you know the pain of the fall, you know how hard it is to recover and return to trust others and especially you, especially when there are … Read More


. Growth Program . By participating will achieve improve the way you feel, think and act to increase your quality of life. When taking cash them live a very pleasant experience that prints a positive and significant that gives you … Read More


You will be surprised to discover that   Good deal, I thought that the truth could not be transmitted as in person and the truth that if achieved, I felt very comfortable and even think we ran out of time, … Read More

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Our training programs in e-learning They are composed of electronic information sessions, exercises, videos and dynamic but all can take video-cam session in a real-time connection (depending on the program) can participate in a group with which you can live … Read More


  Freedom from Stress Free Course to manage, control and release strees. . . . . . . Dialogues of the Heart Different topics and answers many of the questions and concerns you have in life.  


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