How to make the right decisions

Como-tomar-las-decisiones-correctasWho has not felt doubts at the time of making decisions?

Because sometimes difficult to make the right decision , even more so when in your heart you feel a different impulse than reason causing us suggests chaos and confusion.

St. Paul says that we should be filled with the knowledge of the will of God and have all spiritual wisdom and understanding, yet so often we feel lost , confused or afraid not to make the best decision .

Why is it so hard to make decisions?

Simply because nobody wants to make mistakes , or having to pay the expensive price for making bad decisions , especially when you are committing property or the decision is a radical change ie , ” a leap ” or labor costs because the will not for GOD ‘s will , they are conflicting and you want to go one way and God invites you to go on another What should you take?

If you are docile and align your will to the Will of GOD will be working properly and will dissipate the confusions and doubts because the union with the Lord will give you peace and security your decision will be for your good and produce good fruit.

When you are at the crossroads of having to make decisions and do not know what to do , it would be good to do one pause to reflect and pray about what to do , ask yourself : How does my decision serves to give glory to God ? the answer to this question will guide you to better understand the Will of God.

Many times the problem is that you just go with the momentum of the turning away of the heart desires , or put your priority on other things that do not enrich your spiritual relationship with the Lord.

I suggest you keep calm , do not rush when you have to make decisions , ponder what you do and like King David asks the Lord : “Strength and Direction ” through prayer , however even if you request the Lord with fervor What to do? and receive no answer, maybe you should wait or miss what you thought a good opportunity , maybe just are temptations that threaten to deviate from the path that your Heavenly Father to layout for you.

GOD Bless you and Illuminate your path always

Lovingly wtih you Miguel Angel Herrera

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