Learn to get up

aprende-a-levantarteIf you have already encountered, failed or ever come to the floor, then you know the pain of the fall, you know how hard it is to recover and return to trust others and especially you, especially when there are several occasions you went down, you refresh yourself hard time and start again or try to move on … If you ever tried something like this is for you …

Rest assured that when you face the daily battle to the very different challenges of the day you will fall sooner or later, even if you are a well nourished oak and possess great strength or resistance will eventually demolish circumstances, situations or challenges in ride of your life For what reason? The answer is very simple, because you’re a human being of flesh and blood who have capabilities and limitations and that no matter how strong you are knocked down you present situations, that’s what you fall under, many people are falling, some are really noisy, I would say almost to death, for the fall are strong that it seems impossible that the person is re-raise, but “do” these people resurface with more strength, courage and determination to move on.


You’re a human being who feels and can bend in certain circumstances

That’s why today I want to convey the message: “Learn to get up” because you do not need to learn anything falling, but getting up is necessary to make the determination of the same pain and looking upwards strive to get up even when it hurts anyway be fallen hurts, then that pain for good and take you to be standing.

Learn to get up without fear to keep going, but if you fear that this is by staying on the floor and do any of you and your life. Take a more hardened and applies self medication in your inner mind di “I can and want to get up.” If you arrive to drop regretting not stay down, not ashamed that happens, just go ahead and put your eyes to where you want to go.


To finish I’ll give you an example of how Get up

“When a child begins to walk, this often falls and there blows that hurt more than others, that’s when she cries and does everything a drama seeking comfort from her mother, after the crisis is over, the child is taken from where can and rising again“.

What makes the child stand up?

– His desire to walk, his curiosity to discover what lies ahead.

So, do not look down or you conmiserándote because it hurts, or that the fall was hard to look ahead, lift up your hands even when it seems that you have no strength and rise up and walk, it awaits a way to go and find out.

God bless you and the strength to get up

Lovingly with you Miguel A. Herrera

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