Restores your energy

abatidoDid it happen that after a while your energies seem to go?

The battles pounds somehow undermine some of your vitality and your strength gradually wear over time. Your tempers down and you get to be in a time when you feel no energy, no mood to follow and are prey to doubts and if you really attain what you intend to accomplish.

Let me tell you that it is normal and humanly sensible happens. Writing is found in a passage in which the prophet Elijah was walking through the desert and fell devastated willing to die for their afflictions so that then “surrendered” vanishing completely, expressing a waiver of any, but I act and He GOD lifting restored again to continue their mission.

Often the problems are hitting you and your vitality is being worn, the different problems you face, the challenges adding to the cheap shots by the betrayals of loved ones and have had several falls affect you sooner or later, as in the fighting Boxing, after several round’sy a good amount of hits, the fighter receives a blow that sends him to the canvas, perhaps this is less strong than the first he received when his fight began, the difference is that their resistance was mermándose between episodes.


When did you start losing your vitality?


Find all started when time is not so important because you do not return the strength you need to continue, and not remember the times when you felt or did good. The most important thing at the falls is to recover the strength to get up and go. So get up again and start again, as if it were the beginning of the battle, restore your spirits and return to the battle. But if you are in such a state that you prefer not to move more, abandon yourself totally to the Lord, God Father, implore his aid to, like he did with Elias “He’ll Lift”.

In this life transcend is vital, for the gifts you have been given should bear fruit for the glory of God, reason enough to remove the “guts” and continue with the mission that you must perform.

The human condition does not preclude having moments and feel desolate gloom, however it should not be taken for the fragile temperament justification and neglect of the forces, because you possess the ability to self-resuscitation and of course GOD accounts able to get up and fully rejuvenate.

If you did not have enough personal drive to pursue your way; implores the help of the Lord, and He will lift you up as you did with the daughter of Jairus, “Girl, I tell you, arise” (Mk 5, 41).

Your life span is shrinking, not waste it uselessly with complaints and rebellions, nor pretend “stay comfortably on the floor” and say there resting comfortably because you risk not receiving more blows … Get up and go for more, do not give up, do not panic, do not intimidate opponents forces, neither be afraid of a person threatening situations.

Many people were beaten severely and rise Why you should not you?

I do not regret the events that have passed, it’s time to get up, to look forward and take the road again, if you’re able to get up and start again, no doubt you are able to re-build again.

You have to keep walking Do not give up! You have to follow, even if not let go crawling death discouragement to your ideals.

You can overcome discouragement, because if you do that he will beat you to you …

God light your way and restore your strength

Lovingly you Miguel Angel Herrera

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