Martha Fraile

Very good day Miguelito


I hope you are well in union with your beautiful family. Happy to share with you and your support group the blessings received. My goals, even when you know that my country is going through a severe crisis in all aspects, has not discouraged me in my plans to place my sewing or pastry shop. I am working hard even when my health is delicate but my trust in God is so great that thanks to him I have stayed well. I think my main achievement was to recover my self-esteem and know that I can achieve my dreams, what I always wanted, sincerely I do not think about failure but about a life project, it is better to say what to try than to say if it had happened !!!!! such thing. I feel full of peace, spirituality and my health is reflected in my face. It is the best blessing received.


I send you a very strong hug and many blessings and successes for you, your work group and your family?



Martha Freile

Martha Fraile