Norma Gaitán

Hello my good friend from the loving heart


All good in my life, clearly under the protection of God our Father, creator of all the beautiful things that he puts before our eyes

I know you for your photos, beautiful and blessed family you have and how many friends !! …..


How good that you continue with Seminars and other things that you undertake in the cause of the Love of God, only in Him is the true truth of the world world jajjaja !!


I knew … people come and go, my good Miguel is natural, right?


But I have very good memories of that time …….


When I get nostalgic I remember many things the good times, The Union the Loving Heart that illuminates my heart, the songs, the hugs and the good feelings the GA exercises the massages the cat tongues, the cushions our meditations, our dreams ( finally I put Christmas, thanks for always always have words of encouragement from you, The Union….



Norma Gaitán