What is the best investment?


There are many options for investing your money but know that not all are truly an investment.

We begin to understand that it is an investment. Investing refers to use of your resources or capital to generate more resources for the same or different but always in the direction of a profit.

Although investment results in benefits, can confuse into thinking that all obtain a benefit is an investment, for example when you invest in the gas, this brings a benefit to you but later gains Bring? Gas is a good purchased that serves the purpose of providing you with service and profit when you make use of it, this item is consumed and you will not receive subsequent dividends (profits).

If you apply this principle you will realize that many things that appear to be an investment purchases, but if you analyze it you realize it is an expense.

Everything you do that generates investment expenses like a car, a house, a field, a trip, a policy, etc.. Actually these are expenses and generate more expenses. Even though you may think that a property is a good investment, as you can tell in these times be stopped because the value of property price fell much of the world, and any acquisition when its lifetime ends must retornarte much more than originally invested, otherwise you did was buying a good or service. This article is not to discourage the building of your estate or to invalidate the purchase of property, on the contrary is to encourage you to distribute and improve the way you handle money.


So when investing really


As you initially clarify any investment must generate profits, of course there is the risk of making a bad investment and lose your money, so you should invest in the right way. Material possessions can be an investment but not always the best, because there are risks, eg theft, depreciation, natural events, accidents, market changes, the drop in economic, etc..

The best investment not an expense, the best investment is to use the money in instruments that generate more money and profits.




What is the investment in which desire and not just lose? What you can invest and produce profits without losses?


invierte aquiI hope you had the answer quickly, invest in your training, prepare, acquire knowledge that will make you a better human being …

Why so many people wasted money on pleasures, meals, parties and does not put but one where your money is lost? but instead puts many buts to invest in the instrument that will earn more and more (his mind).


The best investment today is what is intended in your training.


Do you think the fortunes of Carlos Slim, Donald Trump or Bill Gates is due to its good luck? their wealth is the result of having a good mental preparation and have made the right investment to give them the skills to take risks and to make good business decisions.


There are 7 options you can invest


1. In things that give you momentary satisfaction but you will waste your time and money.

Two. You’ll think you are investing when you buy products and services encouraged by consumerism, when in fact you’re spending your money:

Three. You can buy options that give apparent safety in case something happens, like insurance policies, trusts, etc..

April. ‘ll Enrich others buying “haven of rest” pretending to give you a life of wealth that you have and that you can only do 1 or 2 times per year.

5.Buy on the safe a property through a mortgage that ultimately will make you pay 3 times the value of your property.

June. Create a savings account for your retirement or when they “offer”.

July. You will make the Effort put the effort and dedication to train you, to free you from fear and guilt, to strengthen your self-esteem and be able to take risks intelligently.


In answer, is what you get. This is when you must act


Invest in your pocket in your mind and your mind will fill your pocket … Benjamin Franklin


Now read carefully the following proposal to make a good investment and good dividends scope


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You know the motto: At your own pace, in your time, in our space in your intimacy, making breaks, accelerating and comfort wherever you are.

Invest now, this is your moment … Life can be better every day, is in your hands is the case.

See you soon

Miguel Angel Herrera

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