Fidelity in relationships


Long ago the honor promises, commitment and loyalty were very appreciable values ​​and respected by society. Being an honest and faithful were great virtues that were often in a lot of people and was a symbol of fraternal unity in families and close friendship, as these virtues are valuable even gestures are often highlighted in current films What’s happening to us?


There Great qualities in humans.


At what point in the history of mankind was wearing and losing the importance of values ​​so beautiful? While it is true that in many cases the man prefers “misbehave” or “take advantage of situations” in thinking itself, it is also true that by nature man is of great kindness, love and commitment and have the ability to be unconditional, faithful and strong commitment Then why downplays them?

 Maybe it’s for two reasons

The first is because everyone adopts a style “more relaxed”, less committed, more “light” and inclined to pleasure and self-satisfaction, with a perspective that focuses on the person itself looking neither gain importance for others .

The second is that “Honor” does not matter, that title belongs only to the princes of the stories of the past. In the protocol and good behavior are part of the stories.

If you allow your behavior devoid of principles, values ​​and morals, then you will lose much of the expression of your essence pure, lovely and beautiful, do not let, do not corrupting, do not turn off the brightness of your eyes, have courage to resume virtues that make you a great person, even when it seems that no one does or to the criticism of the other person to call you outdated or out of fashion. Be Thou who caresses the example of the respect and good manners.


Indeed your father is a King


If “The Honor” is story of “princes and princesses” you find yourself in the correct cartoon, because keep in mind that your Father in heaven is King and you are who you represent in this land, behave with dignity and height who is your Father.

Fidelity is a sign of nobility and love that causes other people to trust you and when confidence grows the relationship flourishes and Love exalts.

Always Faithful Be Faithful … Faithful to God, Faithful to His Word, faithful to your principles, faithful to your ideals, your family Faithful, faithful in your marriage, faithful to friends, loyalty in everything you do and fidelity to any person who is coming and trusts in you.


What does the writing on the loyalty?

“By his faithfulness and meekness, and chose him consecrated him among all mortal.” (Sir 45:4) (of Moses)

“He who pursues righteousness and faithfulness will find life, righteousness and honor.” (Pro 21:21)

“For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and instruction: he likes fidelity and gentleness.” (Sir. 1:27)

GOD Bless you. Receive a big hug

 With Love and Affection Miguel Angel Herrera


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