Encourage your partner


Sometimes your partner is not feeling well, he tempers down, feel sad, not wanting or desire to do something.

Open noticed that his behavior lets you see who is depressed, afraid, which is filled with insecurities and that is changing in the way they act These are signs that you are called to action!



Come asks how he feels or if you need something


You can clearly see that something happens to your partner, so it is vital you approach and converse, ask him if he is right, if this happens you something, if you have a problem, if concerns overwhelm you or if there is reason the feeling bad, sometimes your partner does not know what happens, but if it comes to good your coat, your support, your presence and your words encouraging, they are of great encouragement to re-encourage and revitalize you, so go Lift in Action and Your Partner! To leave the state in sinking rescue her! For her to put into action their abilities, qualities and talents.


Act immediately


Do not wait until you get help (maybe not so) not fret when you see evil, remember it is a human being and has not reached perfection, have patience, especially ten love to listen, to encourage, to support and to be a good support so you can recover and feel the mood again to continue their day to day work.

As your partner, you support, your company, your mind, your good advice, your listening, his inspiration, his source of encouragement and help when you need it …

Be your couple but a commitment is a mission and your partner be with you is a great blessing, but sometimes seem otherwise or want to end the relationship, if you’re strong, if you are patient, if you wisdom vouchers resolve the various situations that arise throughout your life, get overcome all adve
rsities and achieve victory. If your partner is no offense these re-encourage you to, just as if you become no offense or shelter you know your partner forces and get up.

“Think of Jesus who suffered so many contradictions on the part of poor people, and will not lack the strength or the courage.” (Heb 12:3)

GOD Bless his way

With you Miguel A. Herrera

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