Bucket list


Was asked to make a bucket list  Who would not like to achieve all that is proposed to make in your life?

But Who is the life insured? Because as much as we try hard to meet our God has a better plan for us then why do not conform to the plans that God has done for us?

 In the past I made myself my own plan and my bucket list and it was interesting to think that everything depended on me and that was enough to strive to achieve and in a way this is, but my life and had several abrupt turns out things have happened my plans, should certainly be better as coming from God will always for the better.

 I think things should be done with maximum effort and desire that every action, every purpose, every objective is to give glory to God.

 And if the wishes of the bucket list are to my liking, then perhaps I am motivated to do them by worldly desires and not give pleasure to know GOD How then do the right thing?

 Pray, asking God clarity, strength and direction and the way I see it is better to even give our lives to a single purpose “See the Glory of God”.

 Of course I want to do many things, achieve or obtain, but I’d rather give my life to the Lord and adjust to their plans, ie rejoice in everyday life and humbly accept what I can have and as I inspire my Lord move according to his will.

 But if God gives me life and virtues to reach my bucket list I want to do the following.

 Is it crazy? I know

 But that’s the Faith and God asks us surrender to Him

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