These are the most recent Testimonials

Thank you very much for all your effort your time and above all for sharing with me your walk towards Christ Jesus …


Because you do not know me and look at everything you do every day for me and for many more; you rekindle my hope, encourage my strength and in spite of myself, of my faults, of reaching the night as I go back many times, each morning your constancy your perseverance and your attention to me makes me believe that today I can row out as Jesus said He met Pedro on day k ….


A strong hug

Patricia Mendoza

Thanks to La Unión my life has changed a lot I feel much better.

Thank you….


I loved the meeting tonight.

Your vocation of service, your knowledge and skills of facilitator are excellent.

Thank you

Ernesto Martínez




The Union … Fraternal
Our Uniooooooooooooon





Our purpose in Contigo La Unión is focused on helping people grow and improve their quality of life; by achieving a better relationship with GOD, with his family and friends, and with himself, having a better way of thinking and acting so that each person lives better; being cheerful and at peace.



Participate in Contigo La Union is an excellent option to improve the way of living, consolidate the path that touches walk, strengthens family relationships, friendship and in general the way in which the person feels and how he relates to others.


Join us and take part in the activities of Contigo La Union helps you to feel good, in peace and with an authentic joy of love, and of course helps to achieve family and marital well-being, and with the effort and dedication people achieve a better way of living.







All our activities are based on the Practice of Love, Love of God, Love One Another and Love to his People.


We are an organization that supports improving the quality of life of people by training the human with the publication of articles, books, videos, E-Books, Personal Growth Literature, Marriage, Family Life, Family Support, Education children, etc.. and with the delivery in person and on the e-learning, seminars, courses, workshops, conferences, training programs and therapy sessions that strengthen and Acrecentan qualities, virtues and talents of people.

Our activities are aimed at children, adolescents, youth, adults, schools, companies, various organizations and the general public interested in cultivating moral values ​​and to lead a full and happy life, having as the foundation in your life, your family and how they act towards society.

All our activities are based on the practice of love, love for God, love for others and love for his person.


Our Mission

Our efforts are aimed at supporting people to feel good to give the right value to your life for better living, completely happy and at peace.


You receive a big hug with love and affection, Miguel Angel Herrera